Dr Silbert is a psychologist, sexologist and clinical nurse specialist who provides an option to buy the medicine vilitra.

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Sex Therapy of San Diego

Sex Therapy of San Diego

Understanding psychologically normative adult human sexual behavior, sexual fantasies and sex play.

Dr. Silbert a Psychologist, Sexologist and Clinical Nurse Specialist provides sex therapy for psychological and physical sex problems related to:

Dr. Denise T Silbert: Psychologist, Sexologist and Hypnotherapist

• Desire, Libido, Arousal, Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence, Early Ejaculation, Premature Ejaculation, Delayed Orgasm, Anorgasmia, Female Orgasm Problems, Sex Aversion, Performance Anxiety, Painful Intercourse.

• Sexual Identity, Gender Identity, LGBTQ, Body Image, BDSM, Fetishism

• Partner Sex Conflict, Extra-Marital Affairs, Cheating, Infidelity, Female Sex Abuse, Male Sex Abuse

• Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Masturbation Addiction, Sex Compulsion, Hypersexuality, Pornography, Masturbation

• Medical Illness, Menopause, Infertility, Pelvic Pain Disorders, Aging, Loss

Seventy to eighty percent of all adult males and females experience sex problems in their lives.

These problems are often underscored and exacerbated by guilt, shame, sadness, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-worth, body image concerns, fear of abandonment, feelings of vulnerability, lack of trust in relationships, lack of safety in connection to others, limited accurate sexual knowledge, lack of experience, childhood emotional, physical and sex abuse and trauma, parental relationships, divorce, death, loss, ineffective communication skills, physical disabilities, and mental and medical problems.

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Sex Therapy Addressing Psychological and Physical Sex Problems

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Sex Therapy San Diego

Understanding one’s own sexual interests, desires and needs is complicated in today’s world with the rapid technological pace at which we receive information along with the vast convoluted messages acquired from so many varying sources. Hollywood idealism, internet fact and fiction, political dogma, religious indoctrination, diversity of cultures, educational background, pornographic fantasy, varying styles of parental role-models, family structure, peer groups and past experiences all collide psychologically to influence an individual’s sense of “normalcy” with regard to SEX.

Complicating ideas and behaviors about sex and self are the biologically driven desires, the intense pleasure via hormone release, habituation of neuroconnections, and the desire to feel accepted, safe and connected. Sexual confusion abounds as biological desire and environmental circumstance comingle with conscious and unconscious strivings to repeat past childhood learned patterns of safety, trust, fear of vulnerability, and self-worth within the construct of a relationship with oneself and another.

It is an understatement to describe humanity as a complex system aiding and abetting an individual’s sense of purpose and ability to make fruitful choices with regard to the vastness of the sexual system. Dr. Silbert understands the confounding variables of existence and sexuality. She integrates her experience, education and philosophy for change as she consults with individuals and couples for the best outcome.

Sex Therapy San Diego

Thinking and Feeling PLEASURE
Sex Therapy San Diego


Orgasmic Disorder (anorgasmia) - Persistent or recurrent difficulty, delay in or absence of attaining orgasm following sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal, which causes personal distress. (for males nocturnal emission may occur).

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorders - Persistent or recurrent deficiency and/or absence of sexual fantasies, thoughts, and/or desire for, or receptivity to, sexual activity, which causes personal distress.

Hypoactive Sexual Arousal Disorder - Persistent or recurrent inability to attain or maintain sufficient sexual excitement, causing personal distress. It may be expressed as a lack of subjective excitement, or lack of genital lubrication or swelling in women, erection in males, or other physical responses.

Sexual Aversion Disorder - Aversion to and active avoidance of genital sexual contact with a sexual partner causing marked distress. The individual may experience anxiety, fear and/or disgust.

Pelvic Pain Disorders - syndromes with various symptoms which often include pain and dysfunction related to urination (including interstitial cystitis), defecation and sexual activity.

Dyspareunia - Recurrent or consistent genital pain associated with genital intercourse and sexual activity.
Vaginismus - Recurrent or persistent involuntary spasm of the musculature of the outer third of the vagina that interferes with vaginal penetration which causes personal distress.

Vulvodynia (Vulvar Vestibulitis) – is a syndrome that is marked by pain at the opening of the vagina when touched often associated with pain during intercourse.

Vulvodynia (Dysesthetic Vulvodynia) – is a syndrome associated with chronic pain and a sense of burning in the vulva whether the vulva is touched or not.
Erectile Dysfunction - Consistent or recurrent inability to attain and/or maintain a penile erection sufficient for sexual performance (impotence).

Early Ejaculation - Persistent or recurrent occurrence of ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it (premature ejaculation).

Delayed Ejaculation - Undue delay in reaching ejaculation during sexual activity.

Reality and Fantasy COEXISTING
Sex Therapy San Diego

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